Kathia Nobili & Alysa – Bizarre Relationship Surprises!
Released: April 6, 2013

NL2BRRelationships are tricky things. And there always seems to be the person who is the leader, and the person who is…well, who is led. Or if you want to get more graphic about it as we are wont to do here at House of Taboo, let’s just call a spade a spade: the mistress and the slave. Which brings us to today’s roleplay about two girls in love. When Alysa met Kathia, she knew she was a little bossy, but she didn’t realize that when she moved in with Kathia that she’d have to start calling her Mistress and agree to do all the housework and then…when she didn’t do the housework right, find herself taken downstairs into Kathia’s personal bas…