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Cathy Heaven – Surprisingly Penetrated – Dildo Up Her Ass And Cock Up Her Cunny
Released: February 17, 2016

The Sultry Cathy Heaven is back again this week in a pervie House of Taboo scene in which the fantasies she was just daydreaming about come true. You see, Cathy loves the feeling of her mouth being filled to the brim with hot beef boner, and having her asshole stuffed to capacity. Her buddy Thomas Stone knows that, but she’s never let him fuck her. So today, he’s just taking it, and Cathy just fucking loves it! Ass gaped and penetrated with a big dildo while she deep throats Tom’s cock. That’s a glorious afternoon for Ms. Heaven. Cuffed to a plastic chair she sucks dick like a championette while her big titty’s sway about. Dirty talking to her furious fuck friend while pounds her doggy style, spitting in her mouth and giving her the rough sex she just loves while taking hard anal sex. Cathy enjoys that sweet asshole being slammed in spoon, missionary, and standing sex positions. For Thomas, it’s like throwing a hot dog down the hallway. He can’t break Cathy, no matter what he does, she urges him to come on, and show her he’s a man. He shows her alright, by cumming all over her pretty face while she’s upside down, then leaves her strapped up to a fence and she yells at him, ya fuckin loser, you couldn’t destroy my ass, just so you know, I liked it, and im still horny!