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Vanessa Hill & Hannah Hunter – Their Nylon Pleasures
Released: January 13, 2015

Girls enjoy the whispery silky sensations of stockings on their legs, as we see here with black-tressed Vanessa Hill and her auburn-topped sweetie, Hannah Hunter. The Hungarian lovelies savor the pleasures of nylon stockings in their fetish XXX video as they suck on and play with their high heels and then caress their soles and get into toe sucking through the stretchy white fabric. As they peel off their bras and thongs and garters, they are even more free to enjoy their equally matched size 9 feet, savoring a foot-69 as Vanessa sucks on Hannah’s still-stockinged peds and Hannah caresses and licks Vanessa’s now-bare beauties. The girls probe their pussies with their toes, giving each other footjobs until they clinch across the bed with their long legs and feet entwined, so we can pictures OURSELVES entering the scene to give them additional bonus foot worship on any teeny millimeters of toe or sole they might have missed–and then some more so we can cum too!!