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Chloe Toy – Toes In The Tub
Released: June 26, 2014

That twenty-year old cutie from Great Britain, Chloé Toy, is here to give us a thorough toe show. She’s barefoot from the git-go, standing in the bathroom in her blue denim short-shorts and salmon-colored top. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she poses her soles as our DDF cameras shoot her from various angles to satisfy all possible points of view, whether you like to feel submissive in front of a cute footy girl, or domineering over her. Chloé gets into the tub and stretches out those size 6 feet with their bright red toenails. We get to study her smooth soles and high arches, and watch as she entwines her toes.
She flexes her tootsies as she gazes at us with those big blue eyes, looking innocent. Wetting her feetsies in the water pouring out of the faucet, and soaping them too, Chloé just keeps showing off her peds. She sucks her own toes and then stands up to present her wet foot on the edge of the tub for our own adoration. Chloé Toy could have us eating off the soles of her feet anytime!