Abbie Cat & Carla Mai – Three On A Ladder!
Released: February 26, 2013

Abbie Cat stops by her new house to see how the renovations are going, and real estate agent Carla Mai is there to guide her through the latest developments. But Carla has had the hots for her client for some time, and as soon as Abbie slips off her red jacket, Carla makes her move. Busy workman Totti is along for the ride as well, joining Carla in licking Abbie’s tits. Soon both of the gals are blowing his cock, and Totti gives as good as he gets by licking Abbie’s pussy. The horny trio moves around the room, using not only the plastic-covered sofa but a nearby ladder for their hijinks. A lot of action happens on that ladder, as Carla stands high…