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Darya – First Visit
Released: January 8, 2016

In July of 2012 two special things happened. I took the amazing MILF Heather to the Gloryhole for her first visit and I let her wear a mask to hide her identity. At the time she told me it was so her work wouldn’t find out but she later told me it was also because her hubby didn’t know she was there blowing a bunch of strangers. Heather was amazing and I knew the only way she would do it was if she could wear a mask. The only problem with that is since then other girls asked if they could wear masks to avoid being discovered. I’m not a huge fan of masks but if the girl is hot and I think you guys will enjoy her I’ll allow it. Alana asked me if I could take one of her Russian friends to the Gloryhole while wearing a mask I was hesitant until she sent me some selfies of her. Damn this girl is hot! She could barely speak any English but most of us are here to watch girls suck cock so I’m sure that doesn’t matter. Speaking of that, can someone tell me what she says at the end of the video? It’s Russian and sounds hot but she could be saying “I’m about to puke up all this cum”…lol She was so hot and sucked dick so well that she made 10 guys cum in 30 mins! Haley was the only other girl to come close to that. Alana told me Darya would only try it once but she had so much fun that she wants me to take her again. I’m hoping I could get both in the booth at the same time.