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Robin – First Glory Hole + POV
Released: July 15, 2015

Welcome Robin to our gloryhole, she is new and very excited to suck off some strangers and enjoy their cum loads. This is her very first adult video ever made. She seems shy at first, but she comes out of her shell in no time. She is one horny chick that loves cock. During her interview she opens her legs and plays with her pretty pussy. She stands up and calls the guys back. She is ready! She talks about being an exhibitionist and how she loves to wear short dresses in public with no panties. Cock 1 pushes through the hole and she wastes no time going down on him, taking him into her wet warm mouth and getting him super hard. He grows big and she likes to gag herself as she deep-throats him. He doesn’t last long with her, when he is ready to explode his man juice, she opens her mouth and takes his cum load on to her tongue. She shows his load then she swallow like a champ. She strips off her dress and moves over to cock 2, she takes him deep into her mouth and sucks hard and fast. She has some awesome skills, he can’t hold back for long either. He blasts her pretty mouth and tongue with his hot cum shot and she enjoys swallowing. She moves over to cock 3 and gets him hard in no time. She moans and groans as she takes his dick in and out of her mouth. She strokes and sucks him perfectly until he squirts his white cream into her mouth. Robin moves over to cock 4 and he reaches through the hole to rub her pussy. She takes him deep and gags herself on his big hard cock. He starts to fuck her face and she gives him a sloppy blowjob/handjob combination until he unleashes his cum load into her gorgeous mouth. She takes off her heels and shows her sexy feet as she moves over to cock 5. She starts by stroking his cock then he enters her mouth for his turn. She licks, sucks and strokes him as she moans while doing it. She gags herself and then cock 6 pushes through the hole so she jerks them off at the same time. She takes turns sucking each of them. She moves over to cock 6 and gives him all the attention until he is ready to pop into her mouth. She swallows his cum and says how she loves to worship cock. Cock 5 couldn’t cum so she moves over to cock 7. She gets comfy on the bench, spreads her legs toward the camera, plays with her tits and sucks him deep. When he is ready to pop she takes another load like a champ and it goes down the hatch. She moves over to cock 8 and he is hard, ready for her to please him. She licks his head and jerks him. She grabs her tits and plays with herself as she pleases his hard dick. She is ready for yet another semen spill in her mouth. Cock 9 reaches through the hole, grabs her tits and pinches her nipples. He is soft, but not for long. He grows hard and big in her mouth. She really works his penis until he is ready to pop, he does just that right into her mouth, she of course swallows. Robin moves over to cock 10, she plays with her pussy as she sucks him. She likes that, she moans and groans. She spits on him and gives him a sloppy, very fast blowjob until he squirts right on to her tongue, she of course shows his load before she swallows. She takes a little ice tea break and talks about how her legs are shaking, she likes this. She moves over to cock 11, says hi to him and giggles. He is soft, but grows nicely in her sexy horny mouth. She twirls his dick in her hand as she goes down on him with her mouth. He likes that and pops in no time. She loves swallowing yet another delicious load. She moves over to cock 12 and gets hard quick. She performs her magical skills on him until he explodes into her mouth. She giggles and cock 13 grabs her tits through the hole. He plays with her nipples then his cock pushes through. She of course takes him into her mouth and gives him some sucking love. He repays her love with his hot jizz down her throat. Cock 14 pushes through the hole soft, but Robin takes care of that. He grows fast and also cums fast. Cock 15 pushes through the hole and she loves sucking cock. She goes down on him fast and deep, using her tongue on his head and shaft. She gags herself until he is ready to pop on her pretty face, giving her a big facial. OOPS he got in on her eye so she takes a bit to clean herself off. She gets out the purple vibrator and rubs her pussy with it as cock 16 pushes through the hole. He is hard and ready for his turn. She licks, sucks and deep-throats him until he fills her mouth up with his white hot cum. Cock 17 pushes through the hole and waits for his turn, she wants to kick up the vibrator a notch. He is hard and excited for his turn. She moans and groans as she masturbates with a big cock in her mouth. After he pops she shows his big load before it goes down her throat. She moves over to cock 18 and he doesn’t last long with this pro cock sucker. He enjoys filling up her mouth with his man juice. Cock 19 pushes through the hole and she continues to masturbate as she blows him. She strokes and sucks him until he explodes in her mouth, she makes sure to suck him dry. She spreads her legs and shows how soaking wet her pussy and how much this turned her on.

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