Sharon Pink & Sweet Cat – Roughing Up Fashion Fetishists
Released: March 28, 2013

A hot, new fashion line brings you two incredibly sexy, dolled up babes in amazing outfits that are sure to get you in the mood for some fetishy fully clothed fucking! Sweet Cat is shining bright in her ruffled, white silk blouse, and she’s going for a Russian look with her white fur hat, and she’s being roughed up by big titty police bitch Sharon Pink and her partner in crime! When they’ve got Sweet Cat where they want her it’s time for some hardcore clothed threesome action, with plenty of deep throat face fucking and pussy pounding for both of these fashionable Euro-sluts! Who knows what Sweet Cat did, but she’s definitely “paying for it” as she’s taking some serious heat, getting spit on by Sharon, and all around getting no mercy for her dolled up self! When this dude has taken all he can from these two power sluts he unloads a cumshot on Sharon’s shiny blue uniform, and of course Sweet Cat is right there to lick that milk up! Classy and rough fully clothed action!