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Rachel Evans, Jenna Lovely & Bailey – Slutty Summer Camp
Released: September 5, 2013

When summer camp counselors Jenna Lovely and Rachel Evans find cutie camper Bailey getting intimate with her pussy one night after hours by the pool, they make sure she knows she’s one naughty girl in need of some further instruction! First they make her jump rope, so they get get horny at the site of her bouncing booty wrapped up in her bikini, and once these satin uniformed babes are ready to go they use Bailey’s dildo to take her further than she ever imagined she would get tonight! Bailey learns a whole lot about pussy pleasing, and of course her counselors want to finish themselves off as well, so they start rubbing their own pussies until all three reach climax at the same time! Bailey may be a naughty bitch who’s supposed to be in her cabin, but these counselors are more than willing to engage in this type of slutty extra-curricular activities!