Riana – E92
Released: March 5, 2013

Riana is a very pretty woman with a curvaceous body and was probably the easiest casting I have had to date. She was really into girls and it took me very little effort before she was actually asking me to take my own top off. She already had been in a threesome with two other women in her personal life so I should have suspected that she liked girls a lot and who can resist my fabulous body and mouth watering breasts. We were soon kissing and fondling each other and she held my breasts in both hands and nuzzled and sucked on them, squeezing as much of their firm flesh into her mouth as she could. I soon had her panties off and I began to finger fuck her and sucked on her own ample breasts. I was getting so worked up playing with her pussy that I had to get my orgasm soon or I thought I was going to explode.