Toki – Exploited College Girls
Released: April 11, 2013

This week’s shoot features two rarities: an asian girl with nice c cup tits and a girl getting her anal virginity taken on camera. This turned out to be a real back to basics shoot, with some serious hardcore college girl exploitation. When I saw how tight and inviting Toki’s ass was I had to figure out a way to convince her to give up the butt. Turns out it was pretty easy to convince her, I just offered her more money. You’ll notice right away as I interview Toki that she’s really laid back. REALLY laid back…like Cheech and Chong laid back if you know what I mean. That’s not racist, I don’t mean that because she’s Asian; I mean that because she sounds like a stoner. She quickly perks up when I start asking her how to get her off, explaining that she can cum pretty easily as long as I do it correctly. Fortunately for her, this ain’t my first vagina, so I think things will turn out well for her. I’m not really getting anywhere with the small talk, she’s either got the world’s most boring sex life or she’s feeling shy. Either way, I realize that this shoot needs nudity, ASAP. She strips and shows off a nice set of full C-cup tits that surprise me on her little frame, but they’re matched with a nice round booty, so it all checks out. I get between her legs and start off with a little finger action which actually starts her motor going, because she starts to get pretty wet. I up the ante and get the vibrator for her clit, when I notice how fine her asshole is. Loyal subscribers know that if there is one thing I like on a lady it’s a cute, tight starfish begging to be fucked. In Toki’s case…BEGGING. It’s not difficult to convince her to let me slip a small toy in there and get her loose, and I am sure that full anal is on the table when I give her an intense anal orgasm. When she drops to her knees and starts sucking me off, it’s very decent, but the whole time I’m thinking about her cute vag and tight little ass and I really can’t wait to get to fucking. When you see how it turned out, you will know why, Toki is super into it. Just watch as I rail her and she just rides my cock with this slack jawed look of being lost in the moment. You can tell how much she’s into it when I pull out and her pussy is completely creamed up. It’s pretty hot. Then the moment of truth arrives: will she or won’t she? Toki gives me the best answer I’ve ever heard when I ask a girl if she will try anal, “Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and do it.” Oh hells yeah. Thank the lord above that I buy lube in the big bucket! Toki’s getting a delivery in the rear entrance. For anyone who ever wonders if the girls I recruit for the site are REAL college girls or REAL first timers, all you have to do is watch the looks on Toki’s face as I claim that virgin ass, it’s priceless and 100% real. There you have it, back to basics at ECG: an innocent college girl drops by for a nice little session and gets talked into anal and then for her troubles gets a firehose load of jizz across her face. Thanks, Toki, have fun at college.