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Tay – Exploited College Girls
Released: June 20, 2013

She seems like a shy midwestern girl, but behind closed doors Tay is anything but; she gets incredibly wet when turned on and will do anything to make her man happy, including gagging deep throat and anal. My first impression of Tay is that she’s either nervous, shy, or maybe a little scared, but as I get to know her it turns out she’s just quiet. You know, quiet is a great quality I often overlook in a chick. Possibly because shutting a girl up by putting my cock in her mouth is so rewarding, but in Tay’s case she’s quiet AND will gag on a dick, so it’s a real win win type situation.
I pick her up and fall right into car interview mode, but she’s not really into sharing. However, when I get Tay to the location and get her comfortable things pick up in a huge way. I have her strip and show off her amazing body: big C cup tits, a tiny waist and perfectly flat abs. When I get busy with a vibrator between her legs she responds in a huge way: moaning, bucking, her pussy gets really, really wet. During the interview, she explained that she loves to please her partner in bed. If I’m her partner there’s one thing that pleases me every time: backdoor anal butt sex and Tay agrees to give it up.
While I have her on her back with her legs spread, I get an anal bead dildo and try it out on her. Turns out she loves it, one of the best moments of the shoot is when I get Tay on her knees and sucking, licking and gagging on my cock and the entire time she’s holding a dildo in her ass. It’s really, really hot. After some great oral I get her positioned on her back on the bed and pound her pussy. She’s really into it, you can hear how wet her pussy is the entire time. It’s really intense. Much to my delight, after a nice hard fucking, Tay is happy to roll right into anal and she does indeed please this partner. Her ass is almost perfectly shaped and so, so tight. This girl is a total ball of sexuality, she knows how to get herself off and she sure as hell knows how to get a guy off, the huge facial I unload on her is proof. There is nothing quite like the sexy enthusiasm of a complete amateur first timer and Tay is definitely all of that.