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Sophia – Casey Calvert suffers in grueling bondage!
Released: December 11, 2014

It’s hard to say which is bigger; Sophia’s phat, bouncy ass or her unquenchable taste for cock. Fortunately for you, this week’s update has plenty of both on display as Jay puts this horny first timer to the test Ex Co Gi style. We meet Sophia as she applies her make up and gets her hair just so, because if there is one thing guys look for on an Ex Co Girl it’s some put together hair. (Jokes!) Jay blurts out straight away that he’s heard that Sophia is a pretty serious horndog and she happily agrees by giving a few examples of her sexual adventures including a brother on brother spit roasting and a relatively small orgy. Eventually she gets her ‘do just so and Jay moves her to the bed to get things started. Sophia doesn’t waste any time getting started, as soon as she strips off her clothes she’s getting busy between her legs with her fingers. This is always a good sign and between her fingers and Jay’s use of a vibrator, a body shaking orgasm soon follows. As fans of Ex Co Gi now, after she gets hers, Jay gets his. Although in this case it’s hard to say who enjoys this blowjob more, Jay or Sophia. The way she licks, sucks and drools over Jay’s dick is nothing short of a work of oral art. The face fucking quickly turns into real fucking as Jay bends Sophia over the bed and attacks that phat ass. After plowing Sophia’s fantastic ass from behind, and getting even more head from her, Jay gets her on her back for some great action shots. As she’s getting fucked, she’s furiously rubbing her clit providing both a great visual and some great audio of pure wet fuck sounds. Finally Jay has her drop to her knees for a big facial finish. And as a final touch, after coating her face he manages to scoop a little cum off her tits and feed it to her. We’re not going to name names but there’s a certain old school rapper who based his affection for various ladies on the fact that they’ve been blessed with a “big ole butt’. And while this rapper moves from Tina to Brenda and finally on to Lisa, he never manages to meet with Sophia and thus is missing out on one of the most fantastic examples of a big ole butt we’ve ever seen.