Mihee – Exploited College Girls
Released: February 21, 2013

I wonder if Mihee is Korean for ‘submissive girl with multiple super creamy orgasms who loves anal sex’, if so that makes Mihee my all time favorite asian import after Gangnam Style and sushi. I tried to get a little variety on this site this week with a sexy submissive Asian girl who says yes to (almost) everything. It’s been a while since I had an Asian girl on the site, probably because Asian college girls are too busy studying to audition for porn sites. Fortunately Mihee is attending community college (aka 13th grade) so she’s not too busy to spend a little naked time. During our interview she reveals that she hasn’t had an orgasm in months after getting into a long distance relationship. So she seems ripe for multiple orgasms. I also learn, after talking to her for a bit, that she’s nice and submissive. There isn’t one thing I ask her to do that she doesn’t agree to. As enthusiastic as she is, she’s not much of a talker, so I get her naked as quickly as possible. When she’s kneeling on the bed I can tell she’s nervous but turned on and when I slip my hand between her legs she’s already wet, which is always a good sign. I have her hang her legs off the bed and after just a few minutes of fingering, she’s already on the edge of losing control. I grab a vibrator and a dildo – Mihee’s never used any toys at all so this should be an experience for her – and get to work. It doesn’t take long to get her off. Her orgasms are great, she gasps and shudders and her eyes roll back in her head. After her first few orgasms, you won’t believe how milky wet her pussy is, she was not lying about having a lot of pent up energy. I have her get on her knees like I’m going to hit it doggy style, but instead I go at her with all the toys in my collection: she gets a vibrator on her clit and a dildo in each end. Turns out she loves DP – she cums 2-3 more times, easily. Next I have her drop to her knees to suck me off. I think she’s a real people pleaser which means skilled or not, she’s excited about making me happy and she gives some enthusiastic head. Mihee is better than average, though and I have to pull her off before I get too comfortable in her mouth. One thing she won’t budge on, though, is that if I want to fuck her (in the vag anyway) I must wear a condom. She’s paranoid about getting pregnant and refuses to let a bare dick in the baby maker. I’d normally have an attitude about it, after all this is porn and I’m obviously going to dump my load on her face. But she’s perfectly okay with me fucking her ass bareback so… Like I said, a people pleaser! I get her off one or two more times from fucking her and its time for anal. She does a great job of taking my dick in her ass. I have to hand it to her, she’s pretty petite and doesn’t really complain when I pound her backdoor like a cop with a warrant. I get her doggy style and then I switch up the trademark pin down position with some anal. She does a great job and that ass feels great. If there’s any doubt that Mihee is a people pleaser, just watch the facial. Most girls are reluctant about it, or in most cases just tolerate it, but Mihee? After the first blast of cum she opens wide and jumps for it! So, that’s Mihee, a tasty bit of kimchee from Las Vegas. She’s not exactly my ideal ECG girl, but what she lacks in California Beach girl looks, she more than makes up for with a great attitude, awesome real orgasms and endless enthusiasm.