Melony – Exploited College Girls
Released: March 19, 2015

Melony is the ultimate amateur Ex Co Gi girl: perky little tits, a pretty face with a toothpaste commercial smile, electric blue eyes all atop a tight, taut little body with great curves and an innocently dirty attitude. Throw in an ass that won’t even quit at quittin’ time and the sexiest O-face we’ve seen in ages and you have a winner. We get to know a bit about Melony in a little behind the scenes interview where Jay rolls through his list of probing questions. The most surprising thing we find out is that Jay will only be the 5th dude Melony’s ever had sex with, good thing he’s got several cameras to record the blessed event! As Melony moves to strip for the action scenes, Jay gets an eyefull of her fantastic ass. It seems out of place on a petite girl, but when we finally get to see Mel strip and turn, she reveals a very sexy figure. Once Melony gets naked, Jay can’t keep his hands off and gets the party started. He starts in with his fingers on her damp, bare pussy. Before long she’s overtaken by pleasure and throws her head back, and then things get even more intense as Jay switches to a vibrator. Judging by the way she squirms and vocalizes and the way her pussy creams up, Jay must be doing something just right. Before she is too far gone, he has her drop to her knees for oral. Which leads to a surprisingly slow and intense beej that is a little different than what we normally see from Ex Co Gi girls. Melony definitely has her own technique. Jay’s dying to get at that creamy pussy and he helps Melody up to the bed to fuck her. It doesn’t seem like it, but Melody’s very vocal. So much so that a phone call from the front desk adds a little intermission to the shoot. After a quick chat about the birds and the bees with a concierge, Jay give Melony’s suggested sex position a shot and pulls her on his lap for some serious dick pistoning that finally liberates an orgasm from Mel. Following up by pounding her face down and then drilling her from the side, Jay makes sure to plunder Melony’s booty from every angle until he’s ready to blow. He puts her on her knees and explodes a blunderbuss full of jizz onto Mel’s pretty face, gluing one of her eyes shut in a move we’re calling the ‘pirate facial’. Gar!