Lexi – Exploited College Girls
Released: January 17, 2013

This week I’ve got a real treat, a petite 18 year old beauty with a near perfect body and endless ability to orgasm. Her name is Lexi and she’s a self confessed goodie-goodie from USC. From her innocent blue eyes to her perfect B cup tits to an ass that was made for booty shorts, she looks the part of a sexy but innocent school girl. But when she admits that she has no problem achieving multiple orgasms over and over, you wonder how good she really is.
Lexi seems really openminded for such an innocent young thing: she admits she masturbates a lot and loves girl on girl action, although when it comes to anal she has a strict hands off policy that she reminds me of several times during the shoot (anytime I get close to the back door!) When a girl tells me she’s only been with 7 guys, typically I want to double or triple that number, but when I see how innocent Lexi is I could probably cut it in half and be closer to the truth. She really is a goodie-goodie! If you aren’t sure, check out the look on her face when I ask her to lick my balls or when I blast her with a trademark ECG facial. Priceless! When Lexi strips, I am blown away by how sexy her body is. She’s slim and fit, with nice full tits and a surprisingly round ass for a white girl. I get her to the edge of the bed and as soon as I start playing with her pussy she gets into it, letting herself go and orgasming over and over. I get her off a couple of times with my fingers and when I step it up to a vibrator and dildo she really gets into it. I count 6 for sure by this point. As much as I want to fuck her perfect pussy, which is EXTREMELY wet by now, I can’t let her have any more orgasms until she sucks my cock. After some fairly intense oral I lay her back onto the bed and apply my cock to her, giving her 4 or 5 more orgasms in every position from doggy to reverse cowgirl to the classic pin down (where she agains warns me away from her ass, heh.) Goodie goodie or not the girl can definitely cum, so if you are a fan of girlie orgasms, Lexi is right up your alley.