Kira – Exploited College Girls
Released: February 7, 2013

If your ECG wishlist includes a petite little 20 year old with perfect tits and a bouncy booty, a nearly endless sexual resume, an exhibitionism streak a mile wide and the open-mindedness to try anal sex for the first time on camera with me, well you have been granted that wish, my friends. Meet Kira, she’s all that stuff I just wrote and more. Normally I talk to the girls for 5 -10 minutes or so while we drive and I get into their sexual history and turn ons etc., but Kira’s interview goes on for more than double that and then some. When you hear this girl talk about her sex adventures, it’s like she’s reading the ‘best of’ edition of Penthouse Forum and skipping to the good parts! She’s completely bisexual, she watches porn with her (sexy female) roommate and then they trade fucks with a strap-on, she’s fucked her boyfriend’s fathers. Basically she naughty. And, she a hottie. She looks a bit like that hot actress in the Hunger Games, only with bigger tits and a bigger ass. Anyway, we get things started with Kira telling me every little thing about her sex life on the ride over and she doesn’t spare the details, which gets me going. I have her lean across and give me a little road head. You can tell by the way she watches herself in the camera’s screen that she loves being filmed, and that means this is going to be a hell of a shoot. She keeps saying that she loves being naked, so I try to push her boundaries a little by pulling over to gas up and having her pull her tits out and then drop to her knees and give me a little more mouth love. I have no idea why I never thought of this before, this gives a whole new meaning to the term full service. Before we get busted by other customers, I get her back in the car and we beat it for the house and the main shoot. I already know that Kira is getting some anal before we even get started, she bragged continuously in the car that she’s had digits in the back door but nothing bigger, so as we get started I’m already thinking about getting her relaxed and ready for rear entry. I have just the toy to accomplish this and Kira is more than game. After a little lube and some gentle persuasion, she gets her first DP and her very first anal orgasm, which turns out to be a monster one. After getting her off I want to get mine and I have her drop to her knees for some more head. When she gets me hard enough I get her up on the bed for some fucking. I think you know where this is going. If you said anal, you are right. With the help of a vibrator, some lube and Kira’s cooperation, we get her anal virginity on film. It’s really some of my best work. She’s got this amazing round bubble butt and she pushes it back up on me until I get it. She grunts, pants, and grits her teeth but eventually takes the whole thing. After poking Kira’s big round booty, I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out. I flip her over and give her one more big orgasm to remember me by and then spray her with a trademark ECG facial. It’s always interesting to me to see how these shoots turn out, a cute girl like Kira who’s a big talker is often a red flag because the girls who talk the most tend to dance the least when the cameras are on so I was really pleasantly surprised that in this case she was a big talker AND a real performer.