Hayley – Exploited College Girls
Released: May 14, 2015

Hayley is a leggy, fresh faced brunette that looks as innocent as a choir girl but reveals a sexy side that you’d never expect. Today’s update starts off with Jay in full creep mode as he sneaks up on Hayley in the shower to start the interview early and we get a look at her amazing girl next door body. Here at Ex Co Gi our two main missions are to entertain and arouse. But at times we can do more and today is one of those times when we can both entertain, arouse AND educate. And no, we are not talking about another one of Jay’s slightly off center anatomy lessons. Today we can teach you, loyal subscribers, a thing or two about women. The fairer sex. Just look ay Hayley, long chestnut brown hair; big, innocent smile; deep throating a stranger in a hotel room with 4 cameras running and capturing the action from every angle in high def. Don’t be fooled by the female of the species gents, they are more devious and hornier than we are in most cases and they’ll never let on. Imagine what Hayley’s “nice guy” boyfriend is doing today. Probably at the mall buying her a cute charm bracelet to try and get in better with her, while she’s in a hotel confessing to Jay that she’s banged at least 30 guys in just a few years of sexual activity. And, another bit of education, girls always lie about the number by half or a third so Hayley’s probably been with 50-100 guys. Which, if nothing else, explains why she’s so amazing at sex. This girl gives some of the most amazing head we’ve ever seen here at Ex Co Gi. Before the shoot even starts she’s deep throating our man Jay and showing off her carefully honed mouth skills. After things get off to a bang, Jay manages to coax an orgasm from her with a vibrator and then a second from her as he lays her on her back and pounds her wet pussy into submission. After trying for bonus rounds from behind and then from the side Jay can’t hold back and unleashes a trademark Ex Co Gi 1 gallon facial glazing across Hayley’s sweet smile for the perfect finish to another great shoot.