Caroline – Exploited College Girls
Released: February 14, 2013

Normally I try to get as many orgasms as possible out of a girl but in Caroline’s case we’ll have to settle for one, but it’s a damn tsunami (big, wet, destroys things.) She nearly kills a camera when she squirts and almost blows up a microphone with her screaming. So I go for quality, not quantity this week. This week I’m taking a break from spinners and skinnies and getting with a girl who’s got some real curves. You can see right off that Caroline’s got those classic California girl good looks: a mane of dirty blonde hair, tanned D cups and a nice thick ass. There is one small downside to her hotness, though: she’s kinda stuck up. This, however, is an upside for loyal ECG viewers because who doesn’t like to see a hot, stuck up chick getting her brains fucked out and face glazed with cum? When I interview Caroline about her sex life she seems a little shy, but doesn’t hold back. From all girl orgies to fucking in public in any and all locations, she’s pretty adventurous which is probably how she ended up on the site. In an ECG first, Caroline has actually bought brand new lingerie for the shoot. Which fits her amazingly well for the 4 minutes she actually wears it. But, kudos, Caroline, it looks great in a pile on the floor! Once she gets naked she gets a lot more comfortable, though. She insists that it’s really hard to get her off, but I know from experience that no pussy is magical. All it takes is a little patience, a few toys, and some g-spot stimulation. I start off with just my fingers, but eventually have to upgrade to a toy. Eventually she gets close but can’t quite let go. During our interview she said she really likes being fucked hard and rough, so if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes! I have her get to her knees and suck my cock until I’m hard enough to fuck her and then I get her from behind. Again, I get her close but can’t quite get her there. I flip her over and fuck her even harder and rougher until she’s begging me make her cum. Finally she clues me in and tells me that if I finger her g-spot she can cum. Gee, thanks for the intel, blonde. I prop her up on some pillows and finger fuck the shit out of her until she finally cums. Victory! She lets loose a monster orgasm that’s so powerful she squirts on my camera. Finally! And as you know, now that she’s done, it’s my turn! I may have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome from pounding her g-spot for so long, but that doesn’t stop me from jacking up a huge facial for her. So, Caroline is kinda bitchy, yes. But she’s got California girl good looks, a great thick body and, of course, top notch oral skills. Yes, getting her to orgasm is a little like solving a Rubic’s Cube, but what’s life with out a challenge?