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Timea Bela – Ass Gape For Days – Anal Insertion Relieves Her Urges
Released: January 10, 2016

It seems our little Timea Bela has a bit of a phallic fetish as we’ve caught her red handed doodling dick drawings! The cute brunette teen is expressing her creativity which leads to exploring her sexual curiosity in her solo scene. Her imagination could probably bring her to arousal but, she’s got something much more tangible to treat her sweet shaved pussy with. Beside her on the bed the Slovakian teen has a blow up toy with a lifelike vibrating cock attached to it, complete with veins and all! The lingerie clad lustful cutie will first treat her toy right, offering a bit of licking before offering up her pink. Then once she’s got it all lubed up, she’ll climb atop it for some pleasureful pussy insertion as she rides it like a pony! Her curvy ass also wants in on some of this action since anal insertion is what’s really on her mind this afternoon and so she sticks it in her ass, creating a big gape! You don’t want to miss out on her all access show!