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Ally – Alone Time
Released: October 21, 2013

Have you ever seen a cute little chick on the beach and just wanted to take her home with you? Ally is the type of teen you do a double take on, then change course and veer towards. Her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes radiate a youthful charm, a charm that leads to erections. In addition, she’s got a shapely body that could use a good shagging. One glance in her hungry seductive eyes and you’ll know she’s just the type who cuddles up with a dildo when she’s alone. So it will come as no surprise when she starts playing with a long pink one in this video. She works with a rear penetration approach as she begins to get worked up. The more Ally pumps it, the deeper it goes. Her breathing becomes labored, her brow is coated with perspiration, yet she goes on masturbating, determined to satisfy her lust. Her hips rise up to meet the thrusts, intensifying the thrill. Her firm ass contracts in rhythm. Her breath catches and she experiences a shiver of joy, then collapse. You wont want to miss this movie.