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Kristyna – 7911
Released: June 22, 2013

Prepare your garlic, crosses, holy water and oak spikes. We are expecting an attack of a vampire beauty, probably the daughter of Count Dracula. Mysterious beauty Kristyna looks like a sexy vamp. At first we thought it was just her appearance, but when you finish watching this episode, there will be no blood in your body. Or cum, maybe? Who is this girl? 20 years old, inexperience young one who wants to be a porn star. As soon as she gets some money, she’s having her tits doubled. Dark-haired daddy’s girl who loves hard fucking, especially up her ass. Call on Van Hellsing! This horny bitch sucked off our cameraman and let him feed her hungry pussy his cum. That’s wicked. You shouldn’t miss this episode. You’ll be stiff from the terror!!!