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Johana – 1467
Released: November 26, 2013

This will be a shock, gentlemen! This video is 4 in 1. Get ready for a horror, psychological drama, detective story and hot erotica. All in one casting, all with one Czech amateur. Johana, sweet 18 years old girl is torn to pieces inside. She comes from a good family, she was one of the best junior tennis players, she studied Police high school. Then she was expelled for drugs. When she was 16 she prostituted herself to earn money for smack. During her shining career of a whore, she had had an abortion!!! She completely destroyed herself. Today Johana sits on the white couch. Starting a new life, she decided to use her natural beauty and wants to get fucked for money. Lovely girlie body, perky tits and charming smile. Those are her weapons. This is her second chance! Look how she can manage that.