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Jarka – 2114
Released: July 7, 2013

Nothing is impossible! CZECH CASTING has just moved the boundaries a lot further! In the newest episode you will see something you haven’t seen before. What the hell is going on? We have an exceptional girl here. At the first look she’s a likable black-haired girl with perfect tits. Just the belly was suspicious. What the fuck is that? She’s pregnant!!! Jarka told us she was in the seventh month and she had her second child (5 years old girl) at home. That’s sketchy! And that guy, her husband, was her biggest mistake. Maybe bigger than her mom who mistreated her siblings. Jarka had to save them; she took them away and raised them by herself. What an unbelievable woman! And the most shocking thing is that Jarka let our cameraman fuck her!!! Even though she originally came just to photograph acts!!! Fucked by a stranger with camera! In seventh month of pregnancy!! Unbelievable!!!! Exclusive, only in CZECH CASTING!!!!