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Jana – 2169
Released: July 19, 2013

So you couldn’t wait for the newest video from the white couch? No wonder. The most popular casting in the world brings you another hit! It’s a raw diamond, a redhead called Jana. Her legs are so long she didn’t even fit in one shot. But this redhead has many other advantages and things to wonder about. You will see and hear for yourself. She, for example, wants to live in Australia and have five kids. She also creates ice sculptures. She’s conscientious and loves etiquette. But all you care about are her knickers, am I right? Well, you should know that getting into those is not very hard because Jana never says “No”. And let me tell you that her pussy is a jewel. But also a wrong hole. The main hole is Jana’s ass. Yes, Jana loves getting her ass fucked the most and she has much stronger orgasms then during classical sex!!! That’s unbelievable!!!! Guys, you should also know she will suck you off in the end and swallow all you give her! Unbelievable? Well, just take a look for yourself.