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Denisa – 1403
Released: August 15, 2014

This casting is going to be enormously interesting. 24-year-old Denisa from Slovakia is beautifully shy. She admitted that it took her a long time to gather courage to come to our studio. Today is her premiere in front of the camera. Denisa has been living for a couple of years in Prague and – watch out! – she’s single! She aced in posing and you’ll love her slim body with perfectly hand-sized boobs. The most interesting thing about her is – as every guy will agree – her sweet pussy. I bet nobody can deny that! And you bet that our cameraman wasn’t beating around the bush and waiting with hands in his pocket. He pulled his cock out and asked her to kiss it. An awesome strategy, Ales! Will Denisa French-kiss his cock? Go for this video and check it out!