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Dana – 4396
Released: May 9, 2013

Guys, does anyone have birthday today? We have a gift for you. Something like a huge cake out of which jumps a beautiful stripper. The likable blonde Dana came to our casting because she wants to photograph soft and earn some money for school. She could use more money, of course, but she didn’t feel like showing us something more daring. She studies a university and gets ready for future career in public service. What would the minister of social affairs say about that? What a dilemma. It seemed all lost, that Dana will be forgotten as one of many soft models… But then she met our cameraman and her attitude fell down as a house built of cards. She threw away her career of a social worker and grabbed the hard cock and shoved it in between her thighs. That’s fuck’n’roll. Enjoy your birthday surprise, my friends. See you next time.