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Adela – 7797
Released: June 18, 2013

This is just fate! Adela, today’s girl from the white couch, has fallen all the way to the ground. Her father was murdered recently! And she stayed alone and desperate. She couldn’t handle that and she started drinking heavily. That’s something we haven’t had here before. Another episode of the biggest casting you can find brings you an unbelievably strong personal story. You’ll see an exclusive video with a nice 20 years old girl from Prague. She works as a waitress in a gentlemen’s club. She has to face filthy offers from their side every day. No wonder, she’s a piece of woman with beautiful blue eyes and ass as a loaf of bread. She wanted to do soft acts first, but luckily she couldn’t resist the tempting content of our cameraman’s pants. She fucked him like she hadn’t fucked for a long time and she swallowed everything he had to offer!!! An amazing performance, Adela! Keep it going! Enjoy Adela’s swallowing and her sad story!!!