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Czech Casting – Lucie

Lucie – 3318
Released: June 24, 2017

The most popular amateur project in the world has always something special for you. Today it’s a stunning Czech amateur and her premiere. This is not a dream, this is a real amateur from the streets who wants to become a model. Her name is Lucie and her beauty will cloud your mind. Lucie has perfect body and her ass is way above perfection. This was her first casting ever and she had plans what she wanted to do. She didn’t want to undress at all, but in the end she was munching on a cock and her tits were covered in cum. Unbelievable! What will her boyfriend say when he sees this video? Well, like we give a fuck. =o)

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Czech Massage # 354

Czech Massage – E354
Released: June 22, 2017

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Czech Casting – Petra

Petra – 2603
Released: June 21, 2017

This video is just amazing! We welcomed to our studio Petra, 32 years old mother who wants to start a new career, the career of a model. She is pretty, funny and very natural. Nobody expected her to fuck the guy she saw for the first time. But fuck him, she did. She fucked him like if she hadn’t seen a cock in aeons and was rewarded by a hot cum shower on her face. Her husband probably wouldn’t be as proud as we were, but from us she gets 10/10. Horny Czech MILF in front of camera for the first time! You want to see this!

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Czech Casting – Ivana

Ivana – 9456
Released: June 18, 2017

This was a fast one. Ivana, our 18 years old amateur, didn’t even have time to take a look around, in such hurry she was to get to Ales’ cock. Damn, girl, you fast! This freshly graduated girl likes getting fucked hard. So young and such slut already. Seems like all the internet porn has some good influence on the young ones. Check out her premiere, enjoy her young beauty and have fun! See you, guys!!

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Czech Casting – Anna

Anna – 0166
Released: June 16, 2017

This brand new casting is once again awesome! The infamous white couch seated a stunning Czech amateur. She is only 18 and her name is Anna. Beauty with unbelievably long legs is one of the rarest finds of CzechCasting. She is PERFECT!!! Look at her divine body, unbelievably firm tits and sweet pussy. And now wait to see what she did on camera, because that will melt your brains. She is one fine slut, the type that destroys relationships just by walking by.

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Czech Massage # 353

Czech Massage – E353
Released: June 8, 2017

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Czech Casting – Lucie

Lucie – 4495
Released: June 15, 2017

Amazing!!! An unbelievable casting! We have a fantastic catch for you today! Let us introduce Lucie, beautiful 18 years old amateur and former street dance world champion. Our jaws dropped when she got naked. This amazing redhead has the body of goddess. She will steal your heart and pump all your blood down in your crotch. Then she told us she enjoyed BDSM and we almost fainted. Watch her dance on Ales’ dick and I guarantee you will remember it forever. Eighteen years old BDSM princess Lucie. She is one of a kind!

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Czech Casting – Tereza

Tereza – 8497
Released: June 12, 2017

You came to the right place, right on time because here’s a brand new casting. The main star today is a young teacher Tereza. A cute blonde that is keen on her good reputation and won’t even answer piquant questions. She got more relaxed during the photoshoot, so you may enjoy her perfect body. Do you think Ales will be able to get into her panties? He fucked hundreds of good girls who refused to even talk about fucking. Will he be lucky today? Check it out for yourself, my friends!

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Czech Casting – Veronika

Veronika – 6533
Released: June 9, 2017

18 years old redhead Veronika is hot!!! And she gets even hotter when you see her getting fucked by a stranger! This young and self-confident woman wasted no time and jumped our cameraman’s cock without asking. Her blowjob skills are mind-blowing and the intense quickie with her was even more than that. Words fail to describe what you need to see in your very own eyes to enjoy all the beauty. You’ve got to see this one!

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Czech Streets # 103

Czech Streets – E103
Released: June 8, 2017

Hello folks, we are back with yet another amazing video. The first CzechStreets filmed abroad!!! Me and my friends went for a holiday to USA and in the streets on Miami met a wonderful 19 years old student. Just imagine she was Czech! Her name was Lucie and she came with her boyfriend and group of friends. I invited her to see the most beautiful sea view and then proposed to her. She wasn’t cheap, but when she saw 1,000 USD she got all wet. I fucked her from behind and I fucked her hard. In the end she turned out to be one horny slut and she didn’t care one bit her boyfriend was waiting for her. I slapped her a few times and jizzed on her face. What did she do? She gave me her number!! So we could hook up in Prague!!! Would you believe that? That’s so cool!!! Check her out!

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Czech Massage # 352

Czech Massage – E352
Released: June 8, 2017

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Czech Casting – Mirka

Mirka – 6789
Released: June 6, 2017

This is a proper woman! Mature mother Mirka will get you down to your knees. If you fancy chubby moms, she is exactly what you are looking for. Huge tits, huge ass and gig wet pussy. The blonde threw all her clothes away after the shocking interview and showed us a wild ride with a vibrator and mega dildo. This show is for real men only! Anyway, let’s hope her husband won’t see this, otherwise he’d blow his brains out. Why? Just listen to what Mirka has to say about him and you’ll understand.

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Czech Casting – Michaela

Michaela – 7085
Released: June 3, 2017

This is awesome!!! This young Czech amateur is already a mother of twins! Cute Michaela surprised us with this news. Her husband ran away a week after the wedding. She explained us her attitude towards anal sex. And even though she came here to become a model, she spread her legs wide and invited our cameraman in! This girl will do just about anything for her career. And that’s what we like to hear!!!

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Czech Massage # 351

Czech Massage – E351
Released: June 1, 2017

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Czech Casting – Nikola

Nikola – 9303
Released: May 31, 2017

Now watch closely. This red-haired fairy, Nikola, is going to become a famous model or a pornstar. All that depends on whether or not she will get fucked today. She has some special charm that won’t let you take your eyes away. It could be her beautiful face, long fiery hair, amazing natural tits or maybe those impossibly long legs. Who knows. One thing that’s for sure is Nikola is exceptional. And you can enjoy a video with this gorgeous Czech amateur!!!

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