Tatumn – Backroom Casting Couch
Released: July 29, 2014

Casting Lesson, Part 345. Let’s say you’re a casting director for porn jobs. Whether those jobs actually exist or not doesn’t matter for this tutorial. And let’s say you’re not into shitty tattoos on girls that look like they were drawn by an eighth grader. Now, when a interested lady sends you a selfie or two – and she will because girls take them all damn day long – , make sure you can see both her arms clearly. Better yet: talk to her on the phone first. Get a feel for her mental status. Otherwise you may end up with a half-sleeved, half witted, late stage wannabe rebel like Tatumn here. Since tattoos are now basically mandatory standard with girls these days, she may wonder why YOU don’t look like a lifer at San Quentin. Do not say it’s because you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley. Perpetually unemployed High School dropouts who think back alley tats are art don’t know what that means. Do not argue, justify, or attribute quotes to Kim Kardashian in hopes of bonding with the female mind. Just move on, fuck the shit out of the chick, and know she will never call to follow up on your job promise because airheads like Tatumn aren’t good at follow up… or anything else that requires organized thought.