Audrey – Busty Audrey
Released: September 8, 2014

20 year old Audrey gives herself two thumbs up more than once, figuratively and literally. She assumes she already got “the job” when she sits down for her interview, what with all that awesomeness that is Audrey. And honestly, if there’s a girl who SHOULD be in porn, it’s this half black, half white busty sex tornado. Gentlemen (and you 43 ladies in the member base), I can’t wait for you to watch Audrey’s casting. Fantastic attitude, LOVES to fuck, and does everything I want her to – and enjoys it. She was hesitant to try anal but by the time I’m done with her, she loves it. You may need to watch this video twice so you can catch all the hot little things Audrey does but that are too subtle to catch at first viewing. Example: after I make her cum with my fingers and mouth, she quickly grabs my hands as I stand up and sucks on my pussy juice soaked finger. It takes a split second and she moves the POV camera that she’s supposed to hold on her face out of the way so she thinks you won’t see it. But she forgets that there are 2 more cams to catch the action. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I actually had any of the adult industry connections I claim to have. 11 outta 10, that Audrey.