Gina Killmer & Donna Joe – Shampoo Sensuality
Released: March 1, 2013

Gina Killmer and Donna Joe are both looking hot and are ready to get their shampoo on in this super sexy Allwam update! Gina is wearing her special see-through blouse, showing off those beautiful tits of hers the whole time and you know she and Donna will have plenty of lotion and shampoo to pour all over their fully clothed selves, rubbing it into their skirts and blouses and loving the feel of those slopped up fabrics clinging to their bangin’ bodies! This squirt-down is just the appetizer, however, because as you might expect, Gina’s bed is right underneath the shower head, and that means she can get her wetlook on in total comfort! Donna is happy to get her hair washed by the slop master Gina, and then wet down with the shower head until they’re both nice and soaked, and then Gina even gets her own freshly crimped hair gooed up with plenty of shampoo! Shampoo sensuality definitely works for this duo!