Celine Noiret, Daria Glower & Gina Killmer – Eurobabe Wallpaper War
Released: March 7, 2013

You couldn’t actually expect Eurobabe beauties Celine Noiret and Daria Glower to get through this wallpapering without some sort of mess disaster, could you!? It’s especially suspicious since both porn babes are way over dressed for this physical labor, but that just makes it all the hotter when they start slopping that glue all over each other! Before they know it their outfits are ruined (wallpaper glue isn’t meant to come off so easily…) and the living room is getting trashed, and when Eurobitch Gina Killmer enters the scene and sees what’s going on she’s obviously not happy at all! What’s supposed to be a beautifying process has trashed the whole place, but the two working babes aren’t gonna take Gina’s bitchy attitude, so they sling some glue on her that begins a wallpaper war, in which these babes literally try to wrap each other up in wallpaper and completely humiliate and trash each other! Allwam at its finest, three incredibly sexy babes going messy catfight crazy!