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Tahnee Taylor – Attention-Getting Big-Titted MILF
Released: May 7, 2014

Tahnee Taylor, a 49-year-old, big-titted divorcee from San Diego, California, is back. And is there anything better than big-titted divorcees? Big-titted blonde divorcees. Tahnee has DDD-cup tits and they’re all-natural. We think her tits might be bigger (she measures 32 inches around her ribcage and 42 inches around the biggest part of her chest), but we’re not going to argue. We’re just going to stare. And jack. “I don’t always dress to show off my chest, but when I do, I get a lot of attention.” Here, Tahnee is dressed to show off her tits. Her white top is tight, and most of the buttons aren’t buttoned. We asked Tahnee how often she has sex and she said, “At least two times a day.” We also asked her the best way for a guy to get on her good side. “To do what he says he’s going to do. No games.” Okay. Tony said he was going to fuck you and cum on your face, and he did. We’re going to jack off while looking at your video. Are we on your good side now, Tahnee?